Hycult Biotechnology

Erik Toonen, PhD, R&D Scientist

Erik Toonen, the local PI and project leader, has obtained experience in molecular and cell biological approaches to identify biomarkers for disease severity and treatment response in inflammatory and inflammatory-associated diseases. He has extensive knowledge in the fields of (auto)immunity, inflammation and pharmacogenomics. He is collaborating in several scientific projects, focusing on immune regulation and monitoring inflammatory diseases.

”DIREKT is the next step in approaching personalized medicine based on complement therapeutics. Within DIREKT we will focus on tools for animal studies providing more insights in pathways underlying complement related disorders or complications.” states Dr. Erik Toonen, coordinator on behalf of Hycult Biotech

Loek Willems, BSc, Business Development Manager

Loek Willems, has a background in biochemistry and immunology, and over 15 year experience in research and development as well as intellectual property management (IPR). He coordinates IPR, dissemination and explorative activities in scientific projects. Together with Erik Toonen he is responsible for dissemination and exploitation opportunities for novel findings within DIREKT.

"Hycult Biotech is always eager to participate in research projects and to be the connection between science and industry by jointly developing tools for monitoring chronic inflammatory diseases. Within the scope of DIREKT we will be able to translate innovative findings into useful research tools.”, states Loek Willems, Business Development Manager, Hycult Biotech.